U.S. companies of all types usually ignore the power of their own corporate business storytelling. The smart ones, though, are bringing in experts to host business storytelling training.

I’m not a fan of the primary method of communication in today’s business world. If there’s a club for people who hate bullet points, and even worse, wordy PowerPoint presentations, count me in.

This is not about Madison Avenue/PR/branding. I’m referring to the good works that many companies do to improve our lives. That passionate fact gets lost in the clutter of modern businesses’ miscommunication.

But many companies – perhaps even yours – help people in meaningful and profound ways. They forget to tell us through stories. That's easily solved through business storytelling training.

Business storytelling training

When I speak before groups, I show them how to tell the perfect story, and how to tell your perfect story.

How? By showing – and demonstrating – what I call “Dave’s Magic V-Shaped Storytelling Formula.” The key is the bottom of the ‘V’ – the low point. It’s the most important part of any story, and the one that usually gets shorted.


The low point is when everything goes wrong. That’s the part where we learn the most. That’s how we learn how to overcome adversity, challenges and hurdles. That ought to be the true mission of most business stories.

Don’t cheat the low point in storytelling. Show your customers how you and your product rescue them at their low point. Show them through story.

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