New book is first full-length biography of the legendary quarterback and broadcaster.

[Photo from the Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library]

In early 1960, there were no major league sports teams in Dallas-Fort Worth. No Texas Rangers. No Dallas Mavericks. No Dallas Stars. And perhaps most importantly, no Dallas Cowboys.

It is difficult to imagine the region without big-time sports, especially since the Cowboys today are valued at close to $9 billion, named the top sports franchise on the planet and world famous.

When in 1960 rookie quarterback Don Meredith walked into the Cotton Bowl as a member of the new team he had no idea that he would lay the groundwork to create what has become the most prestigious job in all of sports. The job with the most pressure to perform. The job about which everybody has an opinion. The job defined by last names only – Staubach, Aikman, Romo, Prescott. It all begins with Dandy Don Meredith, the first true superstar in North Texas.

While most star Cowboys wrote their memoirs, Meredith never told his life story.

That left an opening for author Dave Lieber to write the first full-length biography – Dandy Don Meredith – The First Dallas Cowboy.

 The epic takes readers from his growing up days in Mount Vernon, Texas, his quarterbacking at Southern Methodist University, his decade playing with the Cowboys and battling Coach Tom Landry, his time starring on ABC’s Monday Night Football with nemesis Howard Cosell, and his work as a pitchman and actor.

“This was the most fun life story to research because Meredith was such an extraordinary man,” says author Dave Lieber, the award-winning Watchdog columnist at The Dallas Morning News. “He was so great at everything he tried. Thanks to him, there’s a surprise on every page.”

Topics include:

  • Meredith’s little-known bout with polio as an infant.
  • Why he never took the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.
  • How in his various careers he dealt with two of the most difficult people, Landry and Cosell.
  • What it was like to play in the infamous Ice Bowl.
  • His team leadership skills, especially when dealing with segregation in Dallas. And so much more.

This revealing book shows the early days of America’s Team when, at first, they were nobody’s team.

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Dandy Don Meredith – The First Dallas Cowboy

$34.95 (Yankee Cowboy Publishing). ISBN: 978-0-9836149-8-2

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