Hospitals have the happiest stories of success, but they often get buried in the day-to-day grind of serving and employing thousands. But for business storytelling about hospitals and medical centers, the good news is always about patient healing and employee helping.

How to identify these stories and then push them out into the community is the focus.

Hospitals and medical centers are looking for new ways to attract the attention of patients, donors and community supporters. Stories of success work best.

Smart companies and sales people know that storytelling skills are essential to catch the attention of prospects in today's busy world.

Business storytelling skills for hospitals

Business storytelling skills for hospitals and in the rest of the corporate world are essential for anyone wishing to succeed.

Storytelling expert Dave Lieber, currently a star award-winning investigative columnist for one of America's most prestigious newspapers, believes that smart sales people build relationships first. Then they talk about their product. Storytelling in sales creates a more productive relationship.


Dave Lieber is a Certified Speaking Professional

Do you want to know more? Dave Lieber shares his storytelling program with groups across North America.

“Stories are important because they get people to listen to you,” Dave says. “Stories are how people remember. They are better than facts and figures. Stories help build relationships with listeners. They attract and engage.”

Dave Lieber teaches his “Magical V-Shaped Storytelling Formula” which anyone can use immediately. He applies it to your hospital and medical center and shows you how to do it immediately.

Here are three business storytelling tips for hospitals:

  1. Reporters for print and broadcast always look for great stories. When something wonderful happens, don't be shy about pitching it. Call the assignment editor and say, “I've got a nice bright feature for you.”
  2. A touch of passion and a pinch of comedy bring a short story alive. The goal is emotional, not intellectual. Stories make that happen.
  3. The key is to show, not tell a story. One easy way to do that is tell it in the present tense.

Be the hospital's top promoter. Build on the skills your team already has. Learn how to be the best with one of America's top storytelling experts. Here's what some helped by Dave Lieber say.

You can bring Dave Lieber to your group. He’s an expert on storytelling for business and showing the power of storytelling to increase sales, build support, raise money and attract attention.


Learn with one of America's top storytelling experts. Here's what some helped by Dave Lieber say.

He’s a Certified Speaking Professional and a fabulous entertainer offering fun and funny insights to make your life better. He’s The Watchdog columnist at The Dallas Morning News.

Dave Lieber. Authentic. Engaging. Interactive.

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