I'm a storytelling expert who leads business storytelling workshops which show others how to tell perfect stories about what they do and how they help people.

As part of this, I like to ask people what they do for a living.

Then I work with them in business storytelling workshops and show them that they don’t do what they think they do. They do something a lot better.

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Business storytelling workshops

Most people essentially read their job title off their business card.

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“I’m a Senior Manager, Level 7.”

“No, you’re not,” I say. “What do you really do?”

“Well, I manage a group of people.”

“Really?” I say. “And what do they do?”

“They put our product in boxes.”

“What’s your product?”

“Pharmaceuticals. We mail them out.”

“So you’re in charge of a mail order prescription warehouse?”


“So that’s what you really do. You help sick people get better. When your product arrives in a mailbox, the recipient is so happy. And if you offer your product at a discount …”

“We do,” the manager interrupts happily.

“Then you’re really special,” I conclude.

This is the malady that hinders U.S. businesses from great storytelling. The passion and emotion of great works is pre-empted by focus on numbers and widgets.

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