Newspaper columnist Dave Lieber long dreamed of helping people solve life’s problems with videos less than a minute long. Years ago, he sketched out his idea for a Watchdog Video Tip of the Day.

It wasn’t until Dave joined The Dallas Morning News as its watchdog investigative columnist that he suddenly had the resources of a major metropolitan newspaper to help him develop the project.




The resulting Watchdog Video Tips of the Day cover a wide range of problems. More than 60 have been created. They debuted on Now they find a permanent home on the newspaper’s YouTube channel and at

Dave does the video tips with his sidekick, Marina Trahan Martinez, The Dallas Morning News Watchdog desk administrator. Dave and Marina end their short videos with their signature Watchdog! BAM! punch through the air. “That’s what I would do if I were you!” they beam.

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Here are some of the videos:

How to get a lawyer

Don’t pay newspaper sales tax

Stop annoying phone calls

When your boss doesn’t pay you

Stop do not call violators

What to do when your car is towed

How to buy a TV

Fighting a collection agency

Problem with an optician

How to avoid buying bad stuff

Avoid work-at-home scams

Consumer groups need your help

How to check out a non-profit

Spot a fake email address

Getting government records

How to get veterans benefits

Don’t fall for fake lottery winnings

File an airline complaint

Scammers love Craigslist

Set up a Google News alert

You can’t always fix the post office

Risky car buying on the Internet

Complain about a car rental company

Fight a bad water bill

Hiring a good roofer
Don’t trust door-to-door salesmen


Shop for electricity

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