Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber brings his consumer rights movement to tornado-damaged communities in North Texas on Saturday.

The Dallas Morning News Watchdog columnist will host a free event, open to the public – “A Tornado Town Hall: How to Hire the Best People to Help You Put Your Life Back Together.”

The event is sponsored by and The Dallas Morning News. It's 1:30-3 pm on Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016 at the Plaza Theatre in Garland, 521 W. State St.
At the free event Dave Lieber will share the latest strategies anyone can use to find the best contractors, roofers and other service workers.

Families affected by the Dec. 26 tornadoes are invited, as is anyone else in the community interested in learning the latest watchdog survival skills.

Participants will take home a “cheat sheet” filled with ideas and a checklist to research companies and individuals.

“We want to make sure nobody gets hurt twice,” Lieber said. “Let’s spread the word and show how to make smart decisions about people based on a few minutes of research. Plus we’ll have a lot of fun sharing these tips.”

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GO & DO: Free Watchdog session

What: A Tornado Town Hall: How to Hire the Best People to Help You Put Your Life Back Together

Where: Plaza Theatre, 521 W. State St., on the square in downtown Garland

When: 1:30 to 3 p.m. Jan. 16. Doors open at 1.

Admission: Free and open to the public. No ticket needed.

Remember that you can bring Dave Lieber to your group. He’s an expert on storytelling for business and showing the power of storytelling to increase sales, build support, raise money and attract attention.

He’s a Certified Speaking Professional and a fabulous entertainer offering fun and funny insights to make your life better. He’s The Watchdog columnist at The Dallas Morning News.

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