HALIFAX, CANADA — For the second consecutive year, storytelling strategist, speaker and author Dave Lieber is honored to present at the 2015 conference of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in Halifax. Dave will share storytelling in business tips.


He is presenting to trainers and also in a second session to stage presenters.

According to the program:

“The mission in life for Dave Lieber, Certified Speaking Professional, is to help people – whether it is in print, online, in person or on his weekly TV appearances on his local NBC affiliate in Dallas. Dave has worked as a daily newspaperman for 40 years. This year, his column – called “The Watchdog” – for The Dallas Morning News won the top prize as America's top columnist in 2015 from the National Society of Newspaper columnists. TheDailyBeast.com named him one of America's top 10 columnists in 2014. Dave brings the same writing passion to his stage performances. But as much as he loves sharing before audiences, he loves even more the opportunity to share his storytelling secrets with speakers, trainers and other communicators. He ran a TED Club for his chapter of National Speakers Association/North Texas for 40 speakers. Before that, he ran a Writing Club for his chapter, too. Dave is all about helping you become an extraordinary storyteller.”

“I love working with my Canadian presenter and trainer friends,” Dave says. “That's why I'm returning for the second year in a row.

“These two sessions — one for trainers and the other for presenters — will resemble a hands-on storytelling workshop, similar to an acting class. I can't wait to dig in with everyone.”

Dave Lieber to work with 100 or more speakers

#CAPS2015 organizers say Dave will work with more than 100 speakers during Canada's national conference.

Remember that you can bring Dave Lieber to your group. He’s an expert in storytelling for business and showing the power of storytelling to increase sales, build support, raise money and attract attention.

He’s a Certified Speaking Professional and a fabulous entertainer offering fun and funny insights to make your life better. He’s The Watchdog columnist at The Dallas Morning News.

Dave Lieber. Authentic. Engaging. Interactive.

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