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Dave Lieber Hosts “A Tornado Town Hall”

Watchdog Nation founder Dave Lieber brings his consumer rights movement to tornado-damaged communities in North Texas on Saturday. He hosts a free event, open to the public – “A Tornado Town Hall: How to Hire the Best People to Help You Put Your Life Back Together.” Saturday, Jan. 16 at 1:30 pm at Plaza Theatre in Garland.

VIDEO: 116-year-old Pop Pop threatens Watchdog

Why does this man hate The Watchdog? “You sound like a wimp,” he says. “I’d be glad to teach you a lesson… If you want to consider this a threat, please do.”

Dallas Morning News columnist Dave Lieber is used to hearing from folks, good and bad. But this one call stands out. Dave writes The Watchdog column. He works with readers to expose wrongdoing in business and government. He also has some fun! Please watch the video — and share.

You’re looking at “Best Speaker Website 2015”

What an honor! Through a popular vote, this website — DaveLieber.org — has been named “Best Speaker Website 2015” by North America’s preeminent speakers’ coach, Jane Atkinson. (SpeakerLauncher.com)

Dave is a funny conference speaker, a storytelling expert and much-in-demand keynote speaker.

Motivational speaker Dave Lieber writes top USA column

Texas comedy speaker Dave Lieber, a Certified Speaking Professional motivational speaker, is best known for getting laughs from conference audiences. But there’s another side to the talented keynote speaker.

He writes an investigative column for The Dallas Morning News. As The Watchdog, he wrote a story in 2014 that was named one of the 10 best newspaper columns in the United States in 2014.

What the U.S. press says about Dave Lieber

THE LATEST: Listen to the national debut of Dave Lieber’s new critically-acclaimed Bad Dad book on Robin Young’s popular show, Here & Now, heard on more than 170 public radio stations.

Newspapers from Brownwood to Gilmer to Coppell are writing stories about Dave Lieber for their readers

My eulogy for Dad

My father grew older, but yet he seemed to grow younger. Before he died last week, he discovered the secret of life.

Connecting with others, friendship and happiness. The proof is this business card. He told me last week he needed another 500. How many 90-year-old men want 500 business cards? He wanted to connect.

What the late Richie Havens taught me

Richie Havens, who died this week, taught me one of life’s most valuable lessons. I was 14. He was 31. He was a famous performer from Woodstock. We shared the stage on a national television show. He helped me take a giant step.

Pat Summerall is one of my heroes

Columnist Dave Lieber always admired Pat Summerall for one specific reason: his will power. After a long life as a hard-charging drinker, he suddenly quit. After Dave wrote this tribute column, he got to know Pat. They met and even worked together on Dave’s charity, Summer Santa.org. Here’s that 1999 column.

NEWS: Dave Lieber to Speak to Global Audience

   Dave Lieber is going global, but the newspaper columnist and popular speaker won’t be interrupting your television to speak to a worldwide audience like a villain in a James Bond movie. Rather, the popular Texas speaker has been honored with an invitation to share...

Favorites from #NSA12

What do Jeanne Robertson, Scott McKain, Peter Sheahan and Dan Thurmon have in common? Aside, of course, from being among America’s most talented speakers?

Memorable comments they and others made at the National Speakers Association’s 2012 convention made Dave’s “you, the speaker” column for his chapter newsletter. Enjoy

Ernie Pyle and National Columnists Day – April 18

April 18 is National Columnists Day in honor of famed columnist Ernie Pyle. It’s the day he died in World War II. One of the holiday founders is Dave Lieber, columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and founder of WatchdogNation.com. Here’s a story about Ernie that

Memorial Day 2012: Dad taught me life’s lessons

On this Memorial Day 2012, Dave Lieber recalls a man who changed his life. His father-in-law.

He writes, “I had just been granted the privilege of a lifetime – an opportunity to get to know and to love retired Air Force Maj. John L. Pasciutti, who would become one of my most important influences.”

The Story of Rick Perry’s Youngest Opponent

This is a story about how Texas Gov. Rick Perry had the chance to grin like a small dog with a big bone. But instead he got as tight as a 38 bra on a 44 frame.

I write this not as a journalist. No, I write this as a dad who was having some fun, yes, admittedly a little at Rick Perry’s expense, for sure, but

See what audiences said about Dave Lieber in 2011

Here's what audiences said about Dave Lieber The 2011 Member of the Year for the National Speakers Association/North Texas # # # See a list of Dave's special topics for your group here. Laugh at a sampling of Dave's video clips here. See Dave's speaker demo video...

Q&A: Dave Lieber, author of new Bad Dad book

Dave Lieber’s new book, Bad Dad, is NOW ON SALE!

Imagine if the worst 10 minutes of your life went viral and were shared with the world? A Texas thriller: the true story of how this Texas newspaper columnist investigated the shenanigans of a small-town police department and then

My little girl is getting married today

My little girl is getting married today. Well, technically, Desiree is not my little girl. Yes, I am her legal father, but when I first met her she was already 11, taller than me. And she called me Little Man. This is the story of how I became Dad.

Tory Johnson: Ever have trouble fitting in?

Tory Johnson is one of America’s top motivators for women business leaders. Maybe you’ve seen her regularly on Good Morning America as head of its “Job Club” or heard about her national conferences called Spark & Hustle. Dave Lieber had a fun opportunity to work with

Meet the 21st Century Newspaper Columnist

Years ago, newspaper columnist Dave Lieber wondered what the 21st century newspaper columnist would be like. He didn’t envision the rise of social media, and he didn’t know that the 21st century incarnation was sitting right beside him. Meet Bud

Summer Santa Co-Founder Brad Bradley Honored

If you are an idea person, you have to marvel at one judge in Texas. Brad Bradley of Southlake has created almost 30 non-profits.

He co-founded the Summer Santa children’s charity with Star-Telegram columnist Dave Lieber. Here, Lieber pays tribute to


Columnist Dave Lieber examines the ordeal that his columnist colleague at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram must endure.

Readers see Bob Ray Sanders’ photo atop his column and immediately think race. He gets so much racist hate mail that a TV documentary was made about this.

ebook Guide: Apple gets an ‘F’ grade for iBookstore

Get the latest ebook publishing information for self-publishers. Author and newspaper columnist Dave Lieber tested each of the major ebook publishers for their ease in publishing. Then he graded them. In the Dave Lieber Guide to ebook Self-Publishing, Dave Lieber shares the latest information for free on ebooks, writing a book, ebook software, book publishing companies and book publishers.

Summer Santa, Elvis and the Coolest House in Texas

What do you get when you combine the coolest house in Texas, Elvis and Summer Santa? You get one of the best parties ever!

My children’s charity held a VIP sponsor party in anticipation of the Nov. 14, 2010 Elvis concert. One of the best parties ever!

Tune-Up Your Creativity Chamber with Key Rules

One of the world’s most popular recording artists shows his trade secrets to a TV reporter. Dave Lieber tapes the show, freezes the frame on his VCR and reconstructs the rules that Coldplay band leader Chris Martin uses to ensure his creative success.

Martin’s rules show the secret behind his success is

Celebrating “Jack Cook Day” in Southlake, Texas

One of my favorite people in the world, Jack Cook, is getting honored with “Jack Cook Day” on Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010 in Southlake, Texas.

Jack, to me, is a symbol of the American West, the way the frontier used to be. He cares for a cemetery with one of the most famous names in the world — Lonesome Dove Cemetery. And his story is as dramatic as

Dave’s Favorite Sept. 11 Column

Newspaper columnist Dave Lieber’s favorite Sept. 11 column was about a remarkable 9-year-old girl who wrote an unforgettable poem about the day’s events. She accurately predicted future national events that would follow that tragedy.

Jeanne Robertson Gets Discovered by America

When I saw Jeanne Robertson at the National Speakers Association convention in Orlando, I complimented her on the seven million views she earned on her YouTube channel, JeanneRobertson.

“Eight million,” she quickly corrected. Now it’s almost 10

What my new speaker friends taught me…

Newspaper columnist and speaker Dave Lieber celebrates his first five years as a member of the North Texas chapter of the National Speakers Association.

The best part is the incredible group of speakers friends who shared their life knowledge and experience.These amazing entrepreneurs taught him that

The Bad Art of the Introduction

Dave Lieber admits that he obsesses over the way he gets introduced before his public speeches. And he’s got good reason for that: Once a man said, “Here’s our guest. He’s a Jewish boy, and, in fact, he’s my favorite little Jewish boy.”

Russell Maryland visits Summer Santa

Former Dallas Cowboys star Russell Maryland served as Honorary Chairman of Summer Santa’s Flipping for Kids Pancake Supper.

Summer Santa is one of North Texas’ largest children’s charities. Check out the photo blog by Summer Santa Co-Founder Dave Lieber of the fun event.

VIDEO: What’s the secret size cup at Starbucks?

Do you know the secret size cup of coffee at Starbucks?

Crusading newspaper columnist Dave Lieber of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram – founder of WatchdogNation.com – shows you how to be your own watchdog, even in the simplest matters. OK, the secret size is called a

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