BIG NEWS to all my friends. Today the curtain goes up on my newest writing project, an Amon Carter play about Amon G. Carter called AMON! The Ultimate Texan. The play's world premiere is set for May 9.

The Amon Carter play and its companion book are about the legend who ruled Fort Worth for half a century. The play starts its run May 9-25, 2019 at Artisan Center Theater in Hurst. This Amon Carter play is my love letter to Fort Worth and all of Texas.

Tickets on sale here.

   In the first half of the 20th century, Amon G. Carter Sr. was one of the most powerful businessmen in the great state of Texas. As owner of the state’s largest newspaper – the Fort Worth Star-Telegram – he created the state’s first radio station WBAP (1922) and first television station WBAP-TV (1948).

   Flashy, often impulsive and with only an eighth-grade education, he lured a trillion dollars’ worth of business to his beloved state. He worked to improve living conditions for everyone.

   In this Amon Carter play — and book of the same name — Amon tells his story, which is also a story about the growth of Texas.

Former Star-Telegram columnist O.K. Carter says: “It is difficult to find any person, in any city, anywhere, that has had an impact on a community as much as Amon Carter did. Even though he's not there, he was there.”

Dave Lieber working on AMON! The Ultimate Texan — a new play and also Dave's eighth book.
Kelvin Dilks is a legendary Birdville ISD drama teacher who now directs and acts. In his free time, he's also a Birdville ISD school board member. Here he's testing costumes to perform as Amon Carter. (Photo by Alan D. Smith)

“Amon Carter really is our Alexander Hamilton. He’s our consequential figure that we’ve forgotten who he is and what he did for us. “

  — Dave Lieber

Tickets on sale here.

First reading of the new Amon Carter play convinced the leadership of Artisan Center Theater to take the risk and present a first-time play by a new playwright.
The big banner is ready to go up at Artisan Theater Center.
The REAL Amon Carter in 1949.
(Photo courtesy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram archives at University of Texas at Arlington Library Special Collections.)

Tickets on sale here.

Artisan Center Theater

Look for Dave Lieber's new book based on the Amon Carter play in April 2019. And listen for the audio book, now in production, narrated by former WBAP Operations/Program manager Tyler Cox.
Listen to a radio interview on KRLD with the playwright explaining why he wrote the play.
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