Frequently Asked Questions

How can we utilize Dave at our next event?
  • Keynote (best at opening or closing to kick things off or wrap things up)
  • Break-out sessions (Dave properly promotes their relevance to attendees)
  • Spouse program (A fun reward for the Better Halves)
  • Workshop (Put Dave’s techniques directly to work after his keynote)
  • Banquet entertainment (Perfect for a lunch or special dinner)
  • Emcee
What is the best way to set up a room?

Dave is flexible on this. His program works no matter the setup.

Dave will not be speaking from a lectern. He’ll use the front area as more of a stage. Make sure the stage area is well lit. If spotlights are available, let’s use them.

With his job as a columnist for a major American newspaper, how does Dave have time to do the research necessary for proper customization for our event?
More than likely, Dave has a head start on your industry with some experience covering events that make for interesting stories and ideas. As an expert researcher Dave needs a bit of time with your folks to get a handle on the purpose and expected outcome of the event so he can have the most helpful impact.
How will Dave get his message across to our audience?
Dave is genuine and playful. He works with audiences and looks for opportunities of interaction and engagement. People remember his message, and many say it’s changed the way they do business.
What makes him different from other speakers?
Dave has written for both The Writer magazine and The Speaker magazine. He has a foot in both worlds and understands messaging from the perspective of someone who writes an award-winning column for a major U.S. newspaper and someone who has appeared before more than a thousand audiences in the past decade in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
What audio/visual needs does he have?
Dave prefers a handheld wireless mike for groups larger than 50.
Will the keynote message be tailored to our theme?
Absolutely. Upon booking, you’ll be asked to complete an online Customization Questionnaire that serves as Dave’s blueprint as he begins to plan your specific program.
Where is the online Customization Questionnaire?
Can we preview a program?
Sure. Contact us and request a video sample or find it on this website. Also, you’re welcome to come see Dave at any of his appearances. He can arrange for you to attend as a guest.