has recognized what more than a thousand groups already know about author/columnist/playwright Dave Lieber.

He can tell one heck of a story. And he can teach storytelling techniques like no other.

Lieber is featured in a Forbes’ story: “How to tell a good business story that attracts clients.”

Thanks to his journalism training, stories he tells audiences in the newspaper and on stage are true and accurate. He shows how to tell stories that evoke passion and strong emotions, making them memorable.

Lieber, a certified professional speaker, is the popular “Watchdog” columnist at The Dallas Morning News. The author of nine books, he also has two popular plays on stage in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Forbes shares one of Lieber’s most important learning points for storytellers in businesses around the world. He shows businesses, individuals and industries how to move their best stories forward.

Dave Lieber teaches storytelling

In “How to tell a good business story that attracts clients” by Forbes contributor Henry DeVries, Lieber says, “The best part of any story is the worst part. Don’t skip through it.”

Dave Lieber calls the worst part of a story “the low point.”

“The low point of a good business story is the most important part. So why do you keep rushing through it?” he asks.

“I’ve noticed that most business storytellers ignore the most important part of the story,” Lieber told Forbes. “They fail to emphasize the low point, the worst part of the story for the hero – the problem that needs to be solved.”

Why is that important? “I teach clients to dwell In the low point,” he says. “Live there in the story long enough for the audience to feel the discomfort. Put the audience in the middle of the story. Make them feel some of the confusion, the difficulties and the challenges of the low point.”

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