University of North Texas accounting students share their thoughts on how Dave Lieber taught them the importance of converting data to stories to communicate smartly.

Recently, certified professional speaker Dave Lieber met with 80 accounting undergraduates at UNT in Denton, TX. Here's what they told their teacher afterwards about our fun session:

“In the business world, it is easy to get lost in the data. Paying attention to the real stories behind the data will give more weight and purpose to the data.”

“It is important to learn different skills from professionals in different fields to expand our knowledge and skill sets we take to the workplace.”


“Conveying information with a story cannot be replaced by technology, so you stand-out.”

“I truly appreciated his perspective outside of Accounting as it provided insight on how to help others understand numbers and concepts that people outside of accounting struggle with.”

“After attending this event, I will definitely use storytelling to explain complicated topics to speakers.”

“I learnt how important it is to develop the story to capture the audience.”

“Dave Lieber described how he structures his stories as a V. I really enjoyed this event and felt his presentation was interesting.”

“The most interesting speaker I have listened to. Loved his credentials and real life experiences. I feel you do this well in our class too. Thank you.”

“Today I learnt the proper way to tell a story using the V shape formula.”

“It was a joy to attend Dave Lieber’s presentation.”

“Dave Lieber is an amazing speaker because he knows how to hold your attention.”

“Dave said we are all natural storytellers, but we don’t use this ability. To improve my networking ability, I will try to connect better using storytelling.”

“10/10 would recommend anyone to go see him. Probably one of the best speakers I have ever attended.”

“I learnt how to tell stories using the V approach, emotions and passion.”

“I learnt that business meetings don’t have to be boring; you can add personality to speeches.”

“He made me see the importance of taking a break from bland information and relating to listeners.”

“His underlying goal was to ensure everyone understood that complex matters can be simplified with a story.”

“The major takeaway was that a person needs to know how to look at numbers and inform people what they mean through art of storytelling.”

“If Mr. Lieber were to return, I will attend his event again.”