Do you use certain words to trigger reminders? When I work on storytelling in business, my thoughts start with the bullet points of facts I hope to share. Then I remember my trigger words: Pop Century.

That's enough to remind me to dump the bullet points and move into strong storytelling mode.

Pop Century is the name of a Disney resort hotel for kids in Florida. I've never been. But a couple of years ago, after leg surgery, I went to physical therapy. My therapist, Jeff Rau, has big, strong hands. Part of his therapy was to use his hand strength to rub hard into my leg. It hurt.

I noticed after a few times that every time Jeff did this, he told me the same story about his trip to a Disney hotel called Pop Century. He described the oversized cell phone placed outside that his son liked so much.


After several therapy sessions hearing the same story, I told him, “STOP! You tell the same story every time.” A little miffed, Jeff stopped. He didn't tell me any story as he rubbed my healing leg.

It hurt twice as much.

I'm sure you get the point.

A story took my mind off the pain. It was better to hear the same story than none at all.

The lesson for business in storytelling?

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Take any business subject and turn it into a story. People suddenly care.

I love to share my simple storytelling in business methods with groups.


Two words. Pop Century. When I think of them, I know my job is to remove the pain.


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