Dear Mom.

I’ve been writing for newspapers for 40 years, but sometimes I get stuck on how to write a story. I write two investigative columns a week for the respected Dallas Morning News.

Those deadlines are tough. But I’m fighting the clock. I don’t have time for writer’s block.

So I sometimes start a story with those two words.

Dear Mom.


That’s a trick I learned from other writers. It works. It helps you focus.

I imagine what it would take for my mom, if she were still alive, to get interested in the story I’m about to share. How can she care about something that happens 2,000 miles away from where she lived.

My friend Kate Delaney, an NBC radio host, does the same. Only she begins her tough-to-write stories with a different two words.

Dear Patrick.

Her brother.

Whether it’s your mom, your brother or your best friend, try this. Two words at the top of any story. Works like magic.

P.S. Oh, after you finish the story, don’t forget to delete those two words from the lead. They are no longer necessary. Thanks Mom.

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