Texas comedy speaker Dave Lieber, a Certified Speaking Professional motivational speaker, is best known for getting laughs from conference audiences. But there's another side to the talented keynote speaker.

He writes an investigative column for The Dallas Morning News. As The Watchdog, he wrote a story in 2014 that was named one of the 10 best newspaper columns in the United States in 2014.

His column is called “The Watchdog: Looking at the man who killed my friend.”

In it, Dave Lieber tells the story of how difficult it was to sit behind a convicted murderer during his trial. The man was accused of killing one of the writer/speaker's close friends, Penny Terk.

“I hate staring at the back of his head,” the column begins. “Hate looking at his rumpled white shirt. His disheveled hair. The way he slouches in his chair.”


Penny Terk, a close friend of Dave Lieber, was killed by this man.

Read the full column here.

TheDailyBeast.com writers John Avlon and Erroll Louis sifted through columns to pick the best 10 to pick ones that reflect, in their words, “a strangely neglected art form” — the American newspaper column.

Avlon and Louis edited a column of classic column called Deadline Artists: America's Greatest Newspaper Columnists.

Deadline Artists

About Dave Lieber's column, they write:

“Sometimes a column has the economy and rhythm of a short story. Dave Lieber achieved that in his sketch of cold courtroom vengeance, signifying nothing: “He sits in a courtroom watching his trial for capital murder. I sit behind him. He killed my friend.” It is a love and hate story. Elmore Leonard couldn’t have done it any better.”

What a wonderful honor.

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Dave Lieber book that won two national awards for social change.\

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