Dave Lieber is going global, but the newspaper columnist and popular speaker won’t be interrupting your television to speak to a worldwide audience like a villain in a James Bond movie. Rather, the popular Texas speaker has been honored with an invitation to share his storytelling expertise with speakers from all over the world at the 2013 Global Speakers Summit in Vancouver. The conference website is www.gss2013.com.


  “This is a thrill for me,” Lieber says. “I can’t wait to share my popular lessons called ‘Your Story Blows Me Away, Secrets of Amazing Story Telling.' What I like to do more than anything is show other speakers, authors, creators, business people, associations how to tell a story with a simple V-shaped story telling formula.

   “Once you hear this formula you will never forget it, and you will be able to use it in all your great stories and all your communications – writing, speaking and more. My strategy will change the way you communicate.  I have been doing this for almost forty years as a newspaper columnist and storyteller, and it has really helped my work resonate with audiences.”

  Dave Lieber goes global!

Dave Lieber goes global!

   The event at Vancouver's Western Bayshore is Dec. 8-10, 2013. Speakers and others from many nations are expected to attend.

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   Lieber says he will show how to craft stories using literary tools he has used during his award-winning career as a newspaper columnist. Lieber is The Watchdog investigate columnist at The Dallas Morning News.

   These include: scene-by-scene construction, dialogue in full, strong personal point of view and the use of status details to make stories come alive.

   “These literary tools are the way to bring an emotional hold on your audience so they care about what you are saying, they listen, they remember and they talk about you to others,” Lieber says.

   His presentation is scheduled for Dec. 9, 2013 in Vancouver.

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   Listen to Dave talk about his program for the Summit – #GSSVAN @2013_GSS .

   Watch a video about Dave’s Global Speakers Summit talk here.

   See the conference schedule here.

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