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Speaker and Watchdog columnist for The Dallas Morning News, Dave Lieber shows how to tell business stories that move employees to action and create change.

Storytelling is the hottest trend in business. Dave Lieber, a certified professional speaker, is one of the nation’s top corporate storytelling strategists.

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TED talk on power of storytelling

Watch this funny TED talk video and see how Dave Lieber teaches how to tell your business stories most effectively to increase profits, performance, communication skills and employee retention. Dave is a high-content speaker, motivational in tone and style.

The hottest trend in business today is emphasizing the power of your perfectly-told stories. How do you find them? How do you tell them? How do you get audiences to care?

Most businesses struggle to get their story out. They preach to the choir through journals and industry publications but lack specific tools and understanding about how to get the message out to the world. Even the best business storytellers can improve.

If you've found Dave Lieber's page here, you already know that facts and bullet points are not enough. You know that stories must be compelling, unforgettable, funny and smart. Stories bring out yearned-for passion and emotion. They offer attraction and engagement. Stories show why you’re special. You know this. You're ahead of the game. Now it's time to share this with your people.

WHY YOU SHOULD PICK DAVE: Dave doesn't just talk about business storytelling. He does it every day. He writes two columns a week for Texas' largest newspaper. He's a playwright whose play is a huge hit in Texas with more than 30 performances and now on a statewide tour. He sells thousands of books every year. But that's not why you should pick Dave. He's fun and funny, reliable and memorable. And unlike most other speakers, he'll get to know your business so well before he arrives that his help and ideas are customized not only for your industry, but drilling much deeper with a focus on you.

Kevin York of Instron Corp. says: “I never anticipated the great response I got from my colleagues after Dave's one day session with us! I was taking a risk committing to “storytelling” as a training investment. It was a novel approach that could have turned out to be a real disaster.

“To my pleasant surprise, Dave was entertaining, a great communicator and a determined teacher. He helped us bring life to our company's value propositions as well as enlighten us on what makes our company special.

“On the many sales training investments we've made, Dave Lieber is truly a standout! We're putting Dave's training to use every day.”

Dave Lieber has helped some of the best known companies in America perfect their business storytelling skills. Whether it's his fun keynote talk or seminar at a conference, or his highly-successful full-day workshops at your location, Dave promises to make a deep and lasting impression upon your people.

If you’re looking for a change in communications behavior, Dave Lieber is your guy. He offers detailed customization with information, techniques and strategies unique to your industry’s goals and challenges. He’ll demonstrate practical business applications. His tactics can be applied immediately.

Dave shares a simple storytelling formula that works in every kind of message. Audiences implement his methods immediately with measurable results.

Dave Lieber, a certified professional speaker, ­is one of America’s top storytelling experts. Local, national and international groups bring him in to educate, enlighten and entertain.

Watch Dave’s video and see how he uses humor to teach.

If this resonates with you, give us a call at 1-800-557-8166 — or send a note through this website. You'll hear from us promptly.

– Discover a simple story formula that works in all business applications.
– Learn how to get your audience to give full concentration.- See how to take data and bullet points (like these) and turn them into memorable stories.

Dave Lieber is a storytelling speaker and expert on the power of corporate storytelling, storytelling in business, storytelling for business, presentation tips, strategic storytelling for business, and business storytelling.

“Thanks so much for closing our show with a bang. I hope your dog starts to like you.” – Shawn Conrad, Executive Director, INTERNATIONAL PARKING INSTITUTE


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