Video: Power Of Storytelling To Fight Bad Guys

The power of storytelling can be used for good or for evil.

I prefer using good to battle evil.

If you can tell a story that resonates with your audience’s passions and emotions, you have a winning story. That’s the power of storytelling — (which also happens to be the subject of my TED talk.)

As The Watchdog for The Dallas Morning News, I know from my mail that harassing phone calls from scammers and fraudsters who violate Do Not Call lists with gusto is Annoyance #1 for many Americans.

I’ve written many stories about  fighting this annoyance.

I also made a video called Harass the Phone Harassers. A little comedy goes a long way in the battle of good over evil. The power of storytelling works both ways. Use it for good. Use it with comedy. Have some fun.

The YouTube site I refer to is Emergency! TV Show Sounds.

Remember that you can bring Dave Lieber to your group. He’s an expert in storytelling for business and showing the power of storytelling to increase sales, build support, raise money and attract attention.

He’s a Certified Speaking Professional and a fabulous entertainer offering fun and funny insights to make your life better. He’s The Watchdog columnist at The Dallas Morning News.

Dave Lieber. Authentic. Engaging. Interactive.

WATCH: Dave Lieber’s 2-Minute SIZZLE REEL


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