What an honor for me to share the stage with one of America's top experts on presentation tips – Lou Heckler.


Lou Heckler (left) and Dave Lieber discuss Jane Atkinson's new book.

Thank you Jane Atkinson for letting Lou and I help others as part of your Wealthy Speaker U project — Accelerate 2016 event in Dallas on Jan. 29-30, 2016. Lou Heckler and I will both share presentation tips for Jane's community of improving speakers and communicators.

Lou is the master! And Jane Atkinson is one of North America's top communications coaches with tremendous expertise in presentation tips. She is the author of several classic communication books, including her latest The Epic Keynote.


At her event, I will work with others and share what I call “Dave's Magic V-Shaped Storytelling Formula.”

“It changes the way people communicate,” I tell Jane in this video. “If they understand that if I communicate in a V, people will actually pay attention to me. They'll remember what I'm telling them. They'll support me. They'll talk about me. They'll donate. They'll buy. They'll care.

“It leads to emotion and passion, involvement and engagement. It's really a powerful tool.”

Watch my entire discussion with Jane Atkinson here.

Lou Heckler says, “Watch every performer opportunistically. Watch the ice skater. Watch the baseball player. Watch the singer. Watch the dancer. Watch your kids. Watch your grandkids, if you have them. Watch people when they perform, and if they move you in some way, instead of going ‘Wasn't that cute? Wasn't that funny? Wasn't that adorable?' – ask yourself why?

“Why was it? And is there some way I could adapt what they just did — and use that in my own authentic self? Because if that moves me, I can use it to move others.”

Watch Lou Heckler talk about extraordinary presentation tips with Jane Atkinson.

Remember that you can bring Dave Lieber to your group. He’s an expert in storytelling for business and showing the power of storytelling to increase sales, build support, raise money and attract attention.

He’s a Certified Speaking Professional and a fabulous entertainer offering fun and funny insights to make your life better. He’s The Watchdog columnist at The Dallas Morning News.

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