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AMON! The Ultimate Texan by Dave Lieber

For a limited time, in honor of The Amon Carter Project's debut, the hardcover of Amon! The Ultimate Texan by Dave Lieber will be $20 instead of $24.95. It will automatically discount in the shopping cart.

“Painstakingly researched. … Lieber's book and companion play are to be cherished treasures.” — reviewer Roger Summers.

“When you see this play you’ll have a renewed love for not only Fort Worth but for North Texas and really the state of Texas as a whole.” – NBC5's Larry Collins

In the first half of the 20th century, Amon G. Carter Sr. was a Texas powerhouse. He was “Mr. Fort Worth” and the King of West Texas. He owned the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the state's largest newspaper. And he created one of America's first radio stations (1922) and one of the earliest TV stations (1948). He was a real-life Citizen Kane.

Flashy, often impulsive and with only an eighth-grade education, he lured a trillion dollars' worth of business to his beloved state. He worked to improve living conditions for everyone.

In this new book, a companion to the new theatrical production of the same name, Carter tells how he built one of the great media empires of the land – and what he did with it. This historically-accurate fun and funny book tells the real stories behind the legend.

Amon Carter is one of the biggest personalities to ever walk the hills and plains of vast Texas. Most don't know his stories. In this new work, you'll learn the true story in a fun way. Dave Lieber, the author and playwright, has worked as a Texas newspaper columnist for more than 25 years – first at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and now at The Dallas Morning News, where he serves as “The Watchdog” investigative columnist.

This is Dave's eighth book. He’s also a certified professional speaker, one of only a thousand in the world. Learn more at


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Hard Cover $24.95, EBook $9.97

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