SEARCHING FOR PEROT – My Journey to Discover Texas’ Top Family


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SEARCHING FOR PEROT – My Journey to Discover Texas’ Top Family

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First edition hardcover, 192 pages, 60 photos

Sample Chapter: Perot's Iran raid to rescue hostages.

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Update on great Perot stories

Ross Perot Sr. could only have been made in America.

Born during the Great Depression into a happy, peaceful East Texas life, he became one of America’s most beloved billionaires.

Whether it was creating the computer services industry with his landmark company Electronic Data Systems, battling General Motors to build better cars, helping veterans or running (twice) for president of the United States, Perot was all in.

He woke up every day excited about who he could help and problems he could solve.

He organized a raid into Iran to rescue two top employees held as hostages in a maximum-security prison.

He revamped the Texas public education system. He and his wife Margot became masters of philanthropy.

He was called talented, driven, high-strung, generous, impatient, loving, energetic, impulsive and blunt.

As author Dave Lieber points out, running for president is only a small part of the story behind this complicated Texas genius and his philanthropic family.

This Ross Perot story by Dave Lieber is a grand saga of love passed down from generation to generation. And along with that love came strong business values that built the Perot family ethos: Always pursue world-class excellence.

Award-winning playwright and journalist Dave Lieber, The Watchdog columnist at The Dallas Morning News, masterfully captures this story of generational love, devotion and brilliance.

In doing so, he must overcome his own hesitation about some Perot business practices he witnessed and wrote about for a newspaper.

This is the first Perot biography in 25 years.

Join Dave on this venture into the never dull world of the Perots of Dallas.


From Roger Summers:

“The fascinating Ross Perot story continues. Fresh set of eyes, thoughts, judgments. Sometimes, peeking behind the curtain.

“In this age of Shark Tank what Perot did then is instructive now for would-be entrepreneurs of today.

“Lieber calls the book Searching for Perot. Our conclusion: He found him.”

Judges in the 2022 Ben Franklin Book Awards say this about Dave Lieber’s biography of Ross Perot, Searching for Perot: My Journey to Discover Texas’ Top Family.

Judge No. 1: “I ended up liking this book more than I was expecting to. I’m not a fan of Perot nor of politics, and all I knew about him was his involvement in politics. But Lieber did a great job telling way more about Perot. I’m glad I read this.”

Judge No. 2: “It is a reporter’s view of the life of Ross Perot and his impact on business practices and the social obligations a business has to a community in which it operates. The author is an observer and reports on the influence the Perot family has had and continues to have on life in the state of Texas.”

Judge No. 3: “The writing of the book is very good.”

Judge No. 4: “The book is very polished overall. Interior is beautiful, with very attractive and vibrant chapter head illustrations. Overall, a beautiful book!”

Sample Chapter: Perot's Iran raid to rescue hostages.

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