Here's what audiences said about Dave Lieber

The 2011 Member of the Year for the National Speakers Association/North Texas

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From Anne Kucinich, Exec. Director of the Association for CME Excellence:

“Thank you very much for your wonderful presentation on communication last month at the Improving Public Health Through Best Practices conference. We surveyed our attendees after the meeting and asked them to identify the speakers they most enjoyed and your name was first on the list. Here are a few of the comments we received:

– “Dave was not only a wonderful speaker but he kept the audience intrigued with his stories. Excellent choice!”

– “I will use the storytelling technique to make my presentations better.”

– “The opening talk by Dave Lieber was great.”

– “I enjoyed Dave Lieber. His lecture style is quite refreshing.”

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From Crystal Andrews, Program Trainer, South Plains Community Action Association:

“I hoped that Dave could end our day on a positive, refreshing note, sending our staff on their way with some joy and amusement. Boy, did he ever! From the moment Dave started speaking, the room was filled with roars of laughter and you could see smiles everywhere. Dave brought us these incredible moments of humor along with moments of tenderness and heartfelt memories. He encouraged us to see the value in everyday living and to cherish  moments in our lives. To work with Dave is a joy and is something that I  will never forget.”

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From Ruth Primm, Henderson Literary Society:

“Laughing is so good for the soul, and we were rolling on the floor.”

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From Byron Keelin, American Soybean Association:

“Thank you for speaking at the ASA Leadership College. Your presentation about Storytelling Marketing was right on the mark with the type of leadership training ASA strives to bring to its grower leaders and state association staff. Everyone commented on how great the sessions were and how useful the information and tactics were to their positions and operations. They are excited to share these new skills with their friends and co-workers.”

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From Ann Dodson, Sun City Community Association:

“Thank you so much for wowing the Sun City resident volunteers.”

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From Janis Filewood of Hurst, Texas:

“You remind me of Erma Bombeck!”

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From Keela McGraw, principal of Arlington Classics Academy:

“Thank you so much for the invigorating stories you shared with our staff. You've given us a boost that was very much needed. Your stories touched us in ways that will make us sensitive to diversity — and better educators.”

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From Bill Webb, Southlake Kiwanis:

“As an aside, I had my 11-year-old son join me and he talked about you for a couple of days. Not every speaker can effectively cover that range of demographics.”

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From Kirte Kinser, Rockwall Rotary:

“You have an easy delivery style and I appreciated how you interjected tidbits that you had learned at the meeting.”

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From Carolyn Cochran, Highland Park Book Club:

“I wish I could laugh at my awkwardness as well as you do.”

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See a list of Dave's special topics for your group here.

Watch a sample of Dave's videos and laugh here.

See Dave's speaker demo video here.

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