The only way to get a copy of the new Amon Carter book by Dave Lieber is not at the usual place.

The Watchdog aka author/playwright Dave is not letting Amazon undercut him on his newest creative work – AMON! The Ultimate Texan. Carter was a major media mogul who ran Fort Worth and West Texas for half a century.

“Books are not even for sale, and Amazon undercuts the list price by 40 percent,” Dave explains. “The Watchdog is making a stand. Sorry, Jeff Bezos.”

Fight back against a system that punishes authors. Instead, get your autographed hardcover copy at Artisan Center Theater where the play is performed in May 2019.

OR by mail/web order go to Dave’s “Yankee Cowboy Store” here:

AMON! The Ultimate Texan. 128 pages. Hardcover. With 100 classic photos and more stories than are seen in the new play. Release date: May 3, 2019.

Note: You can get the eBook on Amazon, but only because that was the only way to get the audiobook version (read by WBAP’s Tyler Cox) placed on

There are five ways to enjoy the new Amon Carter Project.




The new play

Dave Lieber speech

Enjoy the great stories. See the wonderful photos. Hear about the Alexander Hamilton of Fort Worth. A Founding Father whose name is everywhere, but whose amazing stories are not known.

The new play and its companion book will be “cherished treasures.”

Reviewer Roger Summers

“You’ll have a renewed love for not only Fort Worth but for North Texas and really the state of Texas as a whole.”

NBC5’s Larry Collins

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