Most businesses that communicate with their customers fail to share the emotion and passion of their product in a way that builds loyalty. Storytelling for businesses works, but few understand how to play the game.

Take my electricity coop. Every month I get a bill and a newsletter from the coop. This month's lead story is headlined “Agricultural and Timber Sales Tax Exemption Will Expire on January 1, 2016.”

I have no doubt that this is big news to many, but it's a wasted opportunity. The coop delivers the miracle of electricity to my house every day. I'm certain that one or more employees performed some great deed of customer service in the past month worthy of sharing.

That story would create an emotional attachment with me — the customer — far more than a boring tax story.


As a keynote speaker, I show businesses and groups how to share their story to build brand loyalty, raise money, create awareness and build emotion and passion for a legion of raving fans.

Trick to get you to read

I know the coop's newsletter is poorly read. The reason I can tell is because each month they play a little game with their readers (or non-readers). Several electricity account numbers are placed throughout the newsletter. If your account is listed you get a $20 credit on your electric bill.

That's a cheap little trick they use to get people to pay attention. It probably works. It works with me.

But wouldn't it be better to hook us with what's going on in the miracle of electricity? A story with power (I know, right?) goes a long way in storytelling for business.

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