How high is your digital IQ? Here, you can take my test.

As a longtime newspaper columnist and popular speaker emphasizing storytelling in business and the power of storytelling, I realize that the old style of writing, pen to paper, finger to keyboard is no longer enough.

Anyone who understands the selling power of storytelling in business must have a high digital IQ. I've compiled a basic test. Want to take it and learn your digital IQ?

Even I didn't score a perfect grade. I'm a professional communicator, but there's always something to work on.

Ready to begin? Give yourself two points for every YES answer.

Digital IQ Test

  1. Do you have your own website?
  2. Do you control it, meaning, can you post on it and update it without a webmaster helping you?
  3. Can you add art and photos to your website?
  4. Do you use subheads on stories you post?
  5. Can you insert hyperlinks?
  6. Can you insert documents (using Scribd or other document clouds)?
  7. Do you know how to embed video in a blog post?
  8. Can you write short SEO-friendly headlines?
  9. Do you know how to write summaries of your stories for aggregation in the required number of characters?
  10. Can you post on a smart phone or tablet?
  11. Can you use Google Analytics or another site to show you how many visitors you get and what keywords your audience is using to find you?
  12. Have you posted a video of any kind about what you do in the past year on social media?

Perfect score is 24 points.

If you scored 20 or higher you’re in amazing shape.

If you scored between 10-18, you’re on the right track but need to go through the list and see what you need to know.

If you scored 8 or less, it's not too late to learn. Otherwise, good luck and enjoy your coming retirement.

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