I tell stories for a living. Twice a week in my newspaper column. And that many times or more to audiences across America. Storytelling in business is big business.

Sometimes, actually, most of the time, in the newspaper, at least, I tell stories that the people involved don't want told. That's what I do as The Watchdog columnist at The Dallas Morning News.

I told the story of how half the customer service reps at an AT&T call center hate their job so much they may be taking anti-depressants.

I told the story of how a transmission repair business charges double or triple to get your car repaired — and if you don't agree and pay immediately in cash, you don't get your car back.

And I told the story of how one garage door company grabs the business of dozens of other companies by stealing their names and heisting their Internet traffic.

Storytelling in business

But the flips side of that is the beautiful story, the one that inspires your heart and gives you hope. I love those stories, too.


Here's what I have learned as one of America's top storytelling experts: even the bad stories have good. Sometimes it takes a long time for that good to arrive. Sometimes the delay in a resolution can take, well, forever.

Take civil rights. That's a fight that hasn't lasted years or decades, but for centuries. In many cases, the happy endings have yet to be written.

Getting to the heart of a story

The key is to get to the heart of the story, the human essence, the universal truth.

That's what I do. And that's what I like to show others in my talks on storytelling in business, presentation tips and business storytelling.

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