There are so many ways to tell great stories that help people. As an expert on business storytelling and the power of storytelling to increase sales, build support and attract attention, I am so happy that I got to tell a story I've wanted to tell for years.

But I didn't tell it in a conventional way. All I needed was a chart. The power of storytelling works in many ways.

For years, Texans have asked me to help them find electricity companies that don't charge minimum fees. People hate those fees because they have to pay usually $10 a month extra if they DON'T use a lot of electricity. That goes against the idea of conservation.

As The Watchdog columnist for the prestigious Dallas Morning News newspaper and, I try to tell stories that readers want to make their lives better.

As a public speaker I prefer to tell a narrative story. But that's not always the best way.

Narrative not always best

That's why when a Texas legislator's office told me last week that a new software filtering system was installed on a state website that, for the first time, let me filter out electricity companies that offers plans with no minimum fees, I was ecstatic. I knew people want to know this. They've been asking me for years.

And, I added my own touch. I ranked them by their customer service records. A five-socket rating means the company has a good customer service record. This chart story means a lot to me! And to my readers!


This is one little chart story that I know is going to save a lot of people a lot of money over time. That's the power of storytelling to help people. That's the power of storytelling to save money. That's the power of the greatest communication tool ever created. The story.

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