Judges in the 2022 Ben Franklin Book Awards say this about Dave Lieber’s biography of Ross Perot, Searching for Perot: My Journey to Discover Texas’ Top Family.

Judge No. 1: “I ended up liking this book more than I was expecting to. I’m not a fan of Perot nor of politics, and all I knew about him was his involvement in politics. But Lieber did a great job telling way more about Perot. I’m glad I read this.”

Judge No. 2: “It is a reporter’s view of the life of Ross Perot and his impact on business practices and the social obligations a business has to a community in which it operates. The author is an observer and reports on the influence the Perot family has had and continues to have on life in the state of Texas.”

Judge No. 3: “The writing of the book is very good.”

Judge No. 4: “The book is very polished overall. Interior is beautiful, with very attractive and vibrant chapter head illustrations. Overall, a beautiful book!”

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