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What does The Watchdog stand for? What are my values?

Maybe you saw my story on the former mayor of Irving, Texas who got fined $5,000 by the Texas Ethics Commission for what I called “one of the most dishonest political hit pieces ever circulated.”

I was shocked that he continues to insist his mailing was truthful. I told him that during our interview, then wrote that in my column.

His response was to post on social media that during our interview I told him the following:

     “I am not a journalist. I am a columnist. I can write whatever I want. It doesn't have to be true.”

He made this up.

I'd like to take a moment to analyze this fictitious statement — and use it as an opportunity to share my values.

Statement 1: “I am not a journalist.” Right there, you know something is wrong. I am clearly a journalist. Why would I say I'm not?

Statement 2: “I am a columnist.” Correct. He's batting .500 so far.

Statement 3: “I can write whatever I want.” Hardly. I have an editor, who has a boss, who has a boss who has a boss who has a boss. I have more freedom to write at The Dallas Morning News than any paper I've ever worked at. But no, I get approval of my story ideas before I do them, then get rigorously edited by my editor and my copy editor.

Statement 4: “It doesn't have to be true.” This, really, is why I share this. OF COURSE, IT MUST BE TRUE! Everything I write must be provable, sourced, checked and analyzed. I rarely, if ever, use confidential sources because I want you to know I talk to real people.

If I were ever to deliberately write a false fact, a false quote, a false story, I would be shown the door. My career would be over.

As a columnist, writing from a personal point of view, my opinions may be dead wrong. But my facts must be accurate.

When I make a mistake, it must be corrected. And I learn from my mistakes. (I have an envelope full of little correction boxes dating back to the early 1980s.)

My values are to be straightforward and honest. In this case, I told the former mayor that I was going to criticize him in the column. No surprises.

I must be accurate, fair and look at every situation from both sides. I take these rules seriously. In fact, I'm co-author of the “Columnist Code of Ethics.” There really is such a thing.

If you'd like to read it, here's the code of conduct.

And the story: “Did you hear about the former mayor who mailed a dishonest political hit piece? He's fined $5,000.”

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