Why do I keep working as a newspaperman? Because of the things you say to me.

Real comments from Watchdog readers in 2019.

“What I want to thank you for is your prompt and detailed response to me and the obvious care and concern you have for people. You are really amazing, and I truly appreciate your help and thoughtfulness. I’ll be reading you in the paper.” – S.V., 5/15/19

“I appreciate your articles. They are very helpful. Got a ‘Dave Lieber' file which houses them!” – A.H., 7/2/19

“Your articles are one of the reasons we keep the subscription.” – R.E., 1/4/19

“Your wonderful column is something that I always look forward to reading. Thank you for reducing my electric bill 40%!” – D.B., 1/8/19

“You amaze me with the variety of stories  you do.” – H.A., 1/18/19

“The thousands you’ve saved me make my DMN subscription (which I love) SO worth it!” – D.H., 6/1/19

“A great job with excellent, clear writing. He makes  reading his column fun and entertaining as well as helpful.” – E.K., 2/19/19

“Yours is literally the second article I read (after the headline on page 1 – if it’s interesting) I want to thank you for the seemingly tireless energies you exude…” – K.B., 5/15/19

“Thank you for your efforts watching  out for the citizens of DFW.” – N.A., 2/14/19

“You are one of the few public figures who is honest! – R.F., 7/17/19

“Dave Lieber is one of the best anywhere. I have been reading him and have been acquainted with him for more than 25 years. Absolutely tough, but honest. He is what real journalists/columnists should aspire to be.” – R.W., 7/28/19

“Keeping you on my android everywhere I go! You are amazing!” – S.S., 8/16/19

“A perfect example of why a democracy needs a free press. No fake news from  you.” – M.K., 10/11/19

“I share your information whenever I can… You make me look really smart.” – K.P., 11/6/19

“Dave’s column is always rather uplifting and positive in this tough world.” –G.F., 12/15/19

“This is  a big thank you for your column’s help in keeping me safe.” – J.S., 12/31/19

“Watchdog, thanks for shining light on this issue. This is exactly why I subscribe to The Dallas Morning News. I believe the investigative reporting you do is invaluable to our community.” – I.S., 1/15/19