Inspirational comedy speaker Dave Lieber now has three mystery letters that follow his name.

Dave Lieber, CSP.


Dave has earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation. That comes from the National Speakers Association.

Less than a thousand presenters worldwide have it.

The CSP is the speaking industry's international measure of speaking experience and skill.

Dave earned it because he understands what conference organizers and audiences expect from presenters. He consistently delivered. One way Dave learns the needs of organizers is through a unique Customization Questionnaire.

Plus, as one meeting planner put it, “Dave is super funny and engaging.”


NSA states, “The letters CSP following a speaker's name indicate a speaking professional with proven experience who understands what is required and knows how to deliver client satisfaction.”

To earn the designation, a speaker must show expertise in platform skills, business management, education and association.

Dave is active in NSA. He has taught storytelling at three national conventions and done the same coast-to-coast at nine chapters of NSA and its Canadian equivalent, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.


Dave speaks about 100 times a year. Read what former audiences say about him here.

Here are favorite topics for your audiences.




Dave Lieber book that won two national awards for social change.\

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