The High-Impact Writer


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Ideas, Tips and Strategies to Turn Your Writing World Upside Down. In this highly-detailed and fun manual, Dave shares advanced storytelling techniques, humor writing tips, investigative reporting secrets, interviewing techniques and, most important, how to develop new styles of creativity. All designed to make you a high-impact writer in your community.

“Don't most writers wish they could find a book that deciphers how to write a story that grips you from the first paragraph? Dave Lieber wrote that book. The High-Impact Writer is my new Bible.”

— Columnist Cathy Turney


  • Learn how to tell a brilliant story
  • Find easy ways to inject humor
  • Ways to investigate any subject quickly
  • How to get great sources
  • Why it's important to try new things
  • Developing new styles of creativity
  • Why ethics matter
  • How you can help others
  • And much, much more …