Here is a sample of his various programs:


  • Unique keynotes. Dave’s keynotes are fun and informative. He sets a positive tone for your conference.
  • Stimulating Workshops. Creating with smaller groups for hands-on strategic storytelling work.


  • Business to Business Training
  • Presentation Skills
  • Sales Training
  • Storytelling Development
  • Customer Service
  • Promoting Your Business
  • Sales Presentations


The Power of Perfect Storytelling to Promote Your Business
Stop beating around the bush. Get people to pay attention. Scrap those bullet points. Talk in a way that makes hearts flutter. Learn how to tell your story so that everyone who hears it cares and remembers. Columnist Dave Lieber has been working for 40 years to get his newspaper audiences to NOT turn the page on him. In today’s world, it’s harder than ever to get people to notice you. But there’s one tried and true method that works every time. Dave, a Certified Speaking Professional,  relies on comedy and fun with his audiences  to share his simple-to-use storytelling method and customize it for your industry. You can use these techniques immediately to increase sales, get that contract, and increase your loyal fan base whose members will help you, fund you, support you and care about you.

Alternate titles include: The Ultimate Communicator: Your Story Blows Me Away”

Watch Dave tell you more about this in this video.

Comedy Speech: “If a New Yorker Can Make it in Texas, Imagine What You Can Do!”
Find out why more than a thousand audiences have loved this wonderful talk. Dave’s most popular story about how he struggled to fit into Texas is a tale that everyone can relate to and find a piece of themselves in. At first, he didn’t know if chicken-fried steak was chicken or steak. He didn’t know which was the front end of a cowboy hat. He didn’t even know who Garth Brooks was. But he overcame his struggle – thanks to a Texas dog who hated him and the woman of his dreams who loved him. You’ll laugh, then cry – and in the end, the message of fitting into any new environment, new job or any new and challenging situation is a story of laughter and inspiration that audiences everywhere describe as truly memorable.

Banquet and Awards Master of Ceremonies
Dave is a frequent emcee for annual award banquets and convention dinners. He works for state and local associations and businesses. Contact him at 1-800-557-8166 and find out if Dave can help you make your next event the best ever.

Become a Citizen of Dave Lieber's Watchdog Nation®: “Bite Back When Businesses and Scammers Do You Wrong.”
Bernard Madoffs are everywhere. There's nothing funny about getting hurt by a scammer or your bank or a credit card company. But if anyone can get you to laugh at these heartless institutions and show you how to beat them at their own game, it's Dallas Morning News Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber. His Watchdog Nation shows Americans how to bite back and win. His inspirational, funny and informative talk is based on his award-winning book, Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation: Bite Back When Businesses and Scammers Do You Wrong. The book won two national book awards for social change and was named one of the top ten consumer books of the year. He shares the latest information you won’t find anywhere else on scams and corporate thievery. If you want to laugh AND learn how to be a superhero in your own life, don’t miss Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation. Learn more at Watchdog Nation.

Customer Service Taught Like No One Else
Nobody offers a customer service program like The Watchdog newspaper columnist. Dave Lieber is smack in the middle of America’s customer service battle and a key advocate for doing what’s right. As The Watchdog columnist for The Dallas Morning News, Dave specializes in helping readers learn how to solve their problems. His biggest foe: customer service personnel who don’t believe in customers and don’t understand service. Dave teaches both strong customer service techniques and also how to overcome a weak customer service culture. And he does it with hilarious stories about terrible customer service that bring laughter and tears to his audiences. His program is unique because he uses real-time recent experiences based on his latest work ad research.

Marketing YOU: Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out in a Cluttered World
Don’t get discouraged about getting your message out in a cluttered, over-saturated media world. As a longtime national award-winning newspaper columnist, Dave Lieber is always amazed at how business people who try to get their messages out to the public miss the best way to portray themselves. Your story is usually as good as your product or service. But often, you don’t think about ways to tell your personal story to enhance sales. As an expert in storytelling techniques, Dave shares how to tell your story so listeners instantly care about you and want to help you. How? By buying from you. And by telling their friends about you. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before.