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Stories by Texas Columnist Dave Lieber

Once upon a time there was a New Yorker who moved to Texas. Probably, he was the worst columnist in the history of Texas, seeing as how he had never been to the Lone Star State. But Texas is good to those who are good to it, and Dave Lieber, the Yankee Cowboy, grew to love Texas, especially after he met the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, she came with the dog of his nightmares. Nearly 100 short stories that make you laugh and cry. The New Yorker-turned-Texan knows about life change. True, authentic, fun to read and share.

“Dave writes laughers that remind me of Dave Barry at his best. He also writes stories about people that, well, you better darn well have a box of Kleenex nearby. The one about how Dave brought former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith to the classroom of a teacher who was dying of cancer (true story; it was her dying wish) is unbelievable! The book has almost 90 stories…I think it’s wonderful that Dave is giving a portion of the proceeds of this book to the Humane Society in honor of his late dog. I promise you’ll love this book…” – M.W.

“A lot of people can and do write about small town and big city life, pets, kids, spouses, ex-spouses, the rich, the poor, politicians, school boards and colorful locals. But in my book, nobody does it better than Dave Lieber. Whether it's the woman of his dream or the dog of his nightmares, his stories unfold life's ironies a sentence at a time, much to the delight, and in some cases, amusement of his readers.” — Vicky Katz Whitaker

“Dave, your book ‘The Dog of My Nightmares' caught my attention at the local library and I could not put it down till all 286 pages were read! Thank you for sharing those special columns in one fantastic book! For many years, Lewis Grizzard was a favorite of mine, and you must have absorbed some of the energy in his office that day you sneaked in. Thanks so much!” – N.H.

“Your book is proof that you’re a multi-talented natural with a wide range.” – S.L.

“There’s something powerfully spoken in these stories, Dave.” – S.C.

“Your book is loaded with laughs aplenty, certainly testifying how and why you’re a Will Rogers Humanitarian Award winner.” – E.P.

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