Be a Journalist (even if you're not).

I’ve been one for 40 years now and also a certified professional speaker. So I have a foot in the writing camp and also a foot in the speaking camp.

I want to urge all my speaker, coach, trainer, writer friends to do more of the following as you prepare for your presentations: be a journalist. Just because you’re not working for a major media outlet like me doesn’t mean you can’t act like me.

You can call people and interview them. You can send them emails with questions. You can go places you’re not supposed to go.


By doing that, you expose yourself to ideas and trends that make your business stronger.

The key is to force yourself to go out and ask a bunch of questions.

Be respectful of them. In return, they will answer your questions.

It’s amazing that people want to talk to you. They want to tell you about their expertise.

You just gotta ask them.

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